Rüstflex Configure

Set up your in­dus­trial ro­bot with a mo­bile de­vice and up to 90% fas­ter:

  • check_circleInde­pendent from the choice of robot manu­fac­turer
  • check_circleCustom, in­tuitive user interface
  • check_circleNo pro­gram­ming skills ne­ces­sary
  • check_circleUn­limited num­ber of ro­bot pro­grams
  • check_circle90% re­duction of se­tup time


We sup­port our cus­tomers on the emer­ging 3D mar­ket in ap­plications such as Vir­tual Reality (VR), Aug­men­ted Reality (AR), or 3D prin­ting. Our ser­vices range from stra­tegic consulting over algorithm develop­ment to the imple­mentation of cus­tom soft­ware.

Rüstflex Vision

We are de­velo­ping an embed­ded system consis­ting of a micro­computer and vision sen­sor(s). Mounted on an (in­dus­trial) robot, it faci­litates the robot's aware­ness of the environ­ment, e.g., the detec­tion and locali­zation of parts. To reduce (re-)configu­ration efforts and thus cost com­pared to com­peting systems, we are leve­raring on state-of-the-art, data-driven methods of machine lear­ning.

About Us

Vathos is a Dusseldorf-based start-up com­pany speciali­zing in com­pu­ter vision and ma­chine learning for applica­tions in robotics/factory auto­mation. Our mot­to is flexi­bility, which we be­lieve is key in un­loc­king the vast poten­tial of auto­mation for small and medium enter­prises. We are bridging the gap between tradi­tional robotics and the state of the art in com­puter science to sup­port our cus­tomers in transi­tioning to the indus­trial digital age. Vathos Robotics is led by Dr. Jonathan Balzer ↗.

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